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An elite club of pet lovers that help to provide shelter for homeless cats!
This project is launched to create awareness and help donate to animal shelters around the world. Members will have access to exclusive promotions, competitions and giveaways from our top partners supporting our movement.

World of Cats Art members would participate in crowd funding investment initiatives and have access to variety of other collaborations. As our ongoing collaboration with our partnered organizations grows, the value we offer to our limited 10,000 members will continue to grow with it!

This NFT collection has use case utilities and the value will compound over time as we develop our Decentralized Autonomous Organization, Gaming Platform, Crypto Token where holders will play to earn in the ecosystem and building of Metaverse with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and third party applications promoting our core values which benefits our members.



THE Team



Co-Founder - Murphy is a visionary with deep understanding of human intuition.



Designer - Santana is a fashion designer and understands every aspect of human intuition.



Developer - Boss is an architect of various applications and understands every aspect of human intuition.



Artist - Mumsi is an artist with compassion and understands every aspect of human intuition.



Marketing - Yukis is a leader in promoting various initiatives and understands every aspect of human intuition



0.05 ETH

10,000 World of Cats Art

OpenSea and Rarible for now

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